5 Quick Questions to Brand Your But Off!


When people think about you what do they think of?  What do they remember? Last summer, I reconnected with part of the church community I served as pastor for ten years in the Boston area.  SO, SOOO good to reconnect with them! However, I did learn some of the things they remembered from the MANY, MANY sermons I preached between 1991 and 2001. “Yeah, who can forget that sermon you preached where you talked about the “Big But Of Easter!” Yep, in all those years, they remember one sermon where I was actually talking about the “resurrection of Jesus” My choice of words made it unforgettable… I guess?? So, truly much of what we say, do and want others to hear is pretty forgettable.  Just the truth, right? So, what about YOU really should be … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Do You Have Something to Teach the World?


It’s been said that “Most people die with the music still in them.” Well, if that’s true, first isn’t that pretty sad?! But, does it need to stay that way?  If most people (you too!) have music trapped inside to share, to teach, to unlock, wouldn’t you want a way to let that music get from the inside out? Well, that’s what this short video (and attached tool!) is all about.  It’s about helping you get clear on what you have to offer… then develop a conscious way to get it from the inside out. So, even if you won’t do it just for you, would you consider sharing what you have to offer for the rest of us?  The world?  You know, people! Watch and see what you think.  Then — DO take the … Continue reading

[VIDEO] A Habit to Overcome Anxiety…. Make Isness Your Business!


So, what’s up with so many of us believing that peace and self-control is the way to be …. and still struggling to be that way… particularly at work? I can only admit to being a control freak at my worst and worried about production and productivity at my best.  There had to be a better way?  But how? Anxiety is really the arch-enemy of so much that we really want, isn’t it?  At it’s root… FEAR. Yet so few of us take seriously doing WHATEVER it takes to show up as the best us… fully present.  Fully OK.  Fully creative. In this video, I share a vision of making “Habit # 1″ to be “Make Isness Your Business.” Give a watch and see what you think!  And as usual, I am always all ears … Continue reading

Spiritual Key to Unlock the Entrepreneurial Soul


If you’ve ever worked in an environment where the “bottom line” is  ALL that really matters, then you know that it gets old and wears on the soul. Fear and scarcity can motivate… And that may even “work” for  time. More. Faster.  Harder. But fear and scarcity pretty much won’t create a culture filled with creativity, community and a common desire to succeed so that everyone benefits. It won’t create cultures that change the world for the good, that’s for sure. Over coffee, as I met with an entrepreneurial start-up expert who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies around the world, I asked him, “What do you see most keeping entrepreneurs from succeeding?” Wrong idea?  Lack of capital?   Wrong market?  Wrong strategy? ” Fear” he said.   “Fear of asking for what’s … Continue reading

[NEW VIDEO] My “BIG WHY” Story Behind Convergence Point


Hey All!  I’m really excited to share the new “action video” I created where I share my story and the vision for Convergence Point! Really, it’s the WHY behind Convergence Point. For many years, I was embarrassed by my own real story.  How did an Ivy League educated, masters in theology pastor get so discouraged, depressed and feeling stuck in real progress in career? I would do everything I could to hide my struggle and honestly felt like there were few people with whom I could share what was really going on. As you may know, things have changed for me.  I now LOVE what I do and help others discover and engage BOTH their life and the business or work they love….  What I believe is their God given  “Unique Potential!” Last week I … Continue reading

Say What? 10 Questions to Unlock What To Write or Speak About


Even though I’m continually writing down ideas for blog posts, video messages or communication series, I often feel empty when I sit down to write or create And working with or coaching other communicators, I often hear, “I’d like to write or speak more.  I just don’t know exactly what to communicate.”  Sigh….. So for the communicator types in my tribe or who read this blog, I brainstormed 10 Questions to ask that can help unlock what you should write or speak about. Print these out and use them the next time you’re wanting to communicate something that matters to people you care about.  Or use them each time you communicate! You just might see some magic occur as you work through these!   1. WHO do you care to help, educate, encourage or equip … Continue reading

Help! My Husband Hates His Job!


What’s it like to hang out with someone who’s feeling frustrated, angry, tired and annoyingly stuck in their day to day work? They come home and sigh a whole lot. Turn on the television and tune out. Answer, “Oh, fine,” or “Same” or “Sucked like usual” when asked about their day. They just aren’t happy…especially come Monday! Frankly, the real reason I care so much about this subject is two-fold. 1. I’ve spoken to enough wives who’s spouses feel stuck in their work and they don’t know how or if to help him. 2. For far too many years, I WAS THAT HUSBAND! Here’s something I had no clue about… or maybe just lived in my own self- induced “all about me” bubble that I chose to ignore: MY STRUGGLE WITH MY JOB DIRECTLY AFFECTED … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Perfectionist or Your Own Worst Critic?


Clearly, many of us strive to get things just right and want to pursue AND achieve excellence. Perfectionism is desired and rewarded, right? Until it’s not.  And it doesn’t work for us or allow us to live in peace and freedom.  At times it even creates self sabotage.  There’s a shadow side to “perfectionism” that can cause us to be stifled and stuck. It doesn’t need to stay that way!  Really, there’s freedom to be had! In this video, I share 4 things every one of us who’s ever hesitated to “go for it” needs to remember    READ MORE Stay Connected & Receive a Free Gift: Click http://bit.ly/1EK50Pl

Be More Like Boston Roads… Just Less Snow!


If you’ve ever spent time in Boston, particularly before the GPS, you’ve likely asked the question, “How in the world did they ever lay out these streets?!” Living there in the 1990′s, I would say, “If I had a nickel for every U-Term, I’ve made, I’d be rich!”  What happened to the grid idea?  Instead twists, turns, one-ways, rotaries…! The going story about how Boston streets were laid out goes like this. 1. Cows wandered around fields long before carriages, cars and cabs . 2. Eventually people easily just followed the cow paths to get around the rugged terrain. 3. Pavers just formed roads over the cow created pathways. 4. Today, there’s not much that can be done but follow them. An old Boston postcard below muses, “In Boston town, of old renown, the gentle … Continue reading