Defeat Depression Before Breakfast

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Each morning I’d watch my type I diabetes-inflicted grad school roommate, Larry, perform his rituals before breakfast.  Piercing his finger to take a blood level – measuring his glucose levels – injecting himself with a needle full of insulin. I thought to myself, “What a pain! I could never do that!” But, Larry soon taught me that his ritual no longer seemed burdensome.  Why?  Because he shared,   A day without insulin makes made him feel extremely crappy. After just a few days without insulin, basically his body will have crystallized glucose in the blood-stream, and over time, they’ll set in your extremities, causing black-toes/fingers, basically they’d start rotting away. A few more days and he could go into a diabetic coma, and likely die. With that as understanding, rituals are actually really good!  And … Continue reading

This Current Crisis.. Danger or Opportunity?

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For the word “crisis,’ the Chinese use a combination of two characters.  The two characters are those which designate “danger” and “opportunity.” Interesting that we here in the West define crisis primarily in the danger zone.   “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” (Google) “the turning point for better or worse in an acute disease or fever” (Mirriam Webster) Clearly, either way, our current crisis feels like a turning point.  We can’t just ignore it and hope it goes away.   The question for us: Is it  just danger?  (Bad, No good, very bad day bad!) Or is it an opportunity? (Open door..ready for entry? The future is here!) Recently, a wise friend, who’s also a shrewd entrepreneur, shared that he desires to intentionally surround himself with a diverse group of people who … Continue reading

Is Following Passion Foolhardy? Answering Mike Rowe

Follow your heart

Dirty Jobs Famed Mike Rowe recently gave a “now famous” TED talk speech in which he said that “following your passion” was the worst advice he ever received.   Then in written answer to a questioner who challenged Mike’s point of view, Rowe said, Like all bad advice, “Follow Your Passion” is routinely dispensed as though it’s wisdom were both incontrovertible and equally applicable to all. It’s not. Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you won’t suck at it. And just because you’re determined to improve doesn’t mean that you will. Does that mean you shouldn’t pursue a thing you’re passionate about?” Of course not. The question is, for how long, and to what end? When it comes to earning a living and being a productive member of society – I don’t think people … Continue reading

Finding Our “All In” Tribe


I watch in awe as my 2-year-old black lab Barney bounding into the pond to retrieve a tattered tennis ball.   Freezing, brackish green water. A sudden dip takes him from shallow to deep, plunging him into the cold water. Yet, never an instant does Barney hesitate.  Full commitment.  Never a second thought of “Should I?” time after time, after time, after time. Though somewhat fatigued of throwing that slimy ball over and over…. I don’t hesitate either.  Why?  Barney’s all in!  Why shouldn’t I be all in as well? Trust me, the ball’s disgusting and I don’t love throwing tennis balls that much…. BUT BARNEY’S ALL IN! The parallels stuck plain as day. WE ALL NEED A TRIBE OF ALL IN TYPES.  Don’t you? 1. A tribe all starts with one “all in” person. Just … Continue reading

10 Active Ways to Move On When Disappointed


You don’t have to be an entrepreneur for very long before being disappointed.   Let’s face it. Entrepreneurs see what can be.. though it’s not yet.  So we get disappointed. Well… forget entrepreneur.  You don’t have to be a person long.  Disappointment comes our way.   Or we walk its way! And when it comes, we feel alone, angry, out of sort, disgusted and disgruntled, maybe with life itself. You don’t have to be a parent long.  A spouse long.  An organizational leader long.  A worker in any office… in any school… in any church… in any hospital. Lost a client. Didn’t get funded. Passed over for a promotion.  Star employee leaves us.  They talk about us behind our backs.  Investment tanks.  Friend walks away.  Far away. And the hardest thing can be when people act… well, … Continue reading

No Success Without This Ingredient

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Leave just one ingredient out in a desire for success and everything else pretty much turns out like my 6th grade cooking project when I forgot the baking powder…. yuk. Something’s not right! Yet, for some reason,  for many of us our “success school curriculum” somehow forgot to share that we must prioritize this one ingredient if we want real and lasting success… Not sure why. Health.  check Love.  check Home. check Looks. check Recognition. check Money. check Talent. check Who of us hasn’t met people who have those and who are still…. empty… overwhelmed…. sad….. discouraged…. addicted…..frustrated… angry???  Maybe you know someone like that from the inside.  All really good attainments…. but… Not able to enjoy…  be satisfied… celebrate… relax…  be free..  Not able to sleep soundly, give freely, breathe deeply… breathe very deeply. … Continue reading

4 Steps to Change Your Story This Month


“I’m lazy “I’m addicted to carbs.” “I’m depressed.” “I’m out of shape.” “I never win.” “I’m not good with relationships.” “I struggle financially.” “I never sleep through the night.” “I’m not good with follow-through.” “I’m not a morning person.” The truth about these stories: They’re all things I’ve personally told myself… and, sadly, believed. The other truth about these stories: They’re not who I really am and they’re not what I really do. Two other things that have been true about these statements: 1. Believing them affected how I acted. 2. I’m not alone in believing such life-taking and destiny-stealing  “stories.” Way too many others buy into these stories of  “Who they really are” and “What they’re really like.”  The effects of such in heads and actions:  well, pretty destructive,  dead-end to life, defusing to … Continue reading

Finding Your Wife’s Sweet Spot

Taking the beaten track

OK, true this post may not “quite” be what you thought it was about…. at least directly! The “sweet spot” I’m talking about involves encouraging your wife to “do more work and activities she feels created to do, gifted to do and energized by doing.”  The opposite: her doing more and more stuff she feels forced to do, not gifted to do and drained doing….. So, here’s the long and short right up front: When husbands help and encourage their wives to do what they do best, as much as possible, the love in their marriage will burn long and strong. In “husband school” no one ever taught me that.  You? And the absolute most important person around that can help their wife see truly discover and live their destiny:  their husband! They see them.  … Continue reading

3 Biblical Ways to Be Happy Today


“Even with all that money, he’s just not happy! And he still doesn’t think he has enough money…. “ That’s what a friend who works with super rich clients told me. This person is a billionaire.  YET my friend feels bad for his unhappy client. I know that many people (who aren’t billionaires) may think, “Cry me a river!  How can someone with so much NOT be happy?!” There are happy billionaires – and unhappy billionaires.  Which would you rather be? Truly, too many of us, billionaire or not, buy the lie I WILL BE HAPPY WHEN….. I Get more money I Keep more money I have security money I have retirement money And every scientific has shown that it’s not “just a bit more” or “keeping up with the Trumps” doesn’t do good for … Continue reading

How to Regain Career Clarity


Ever experienced a repeating dream??  For some, career issues feel like a repeating dream.  That can change! For many years my personal repeating dream involved attempting to drive a car without  wearing my corrective glasses or contact lenses.  And trust me, Mr. Magoo here needs them!! I could still drive.  I knew the mechanics.   I just didn’t know exactly where I was going… if I was on the right road … if I was a danger to myself or others.  The longer I drove in fog just got worse and worse….. until I woke up! The analogy may be quite obvious for you or others you know when it comes to the area of loss of clarity in “career,” “vocation,” “calling” or even “job.”   It’s possible to be going through the mechanics – but … Continue reading