How to Regain Traction When You’ve Lost It!


I was taken off guard a few days ago when my mountain road tour turned into a modern version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! What do you do when you find yourself skidding out of control with steep mountain cliffs quickly approaching ahead of you?   Totally unprepared.  No plan for this.  Fully knowing that split second decisions you make NOW determine disaster, fender bender or just a scare. It all started with a simple trip to sight see and show my buddy from Baltimore the views of Boulder and the Rocky’s from the top of “Flagstaff.”  Who knew the flurries would turn into a white out and the road would turn into a sheet of ice?  (I guess I could have checked the forecast… hmmmmm) Times of losing traction can become classrooms of the topic … Continue reading

4 Reasons Your Dream Won’t Come True


I’m all for wishing upon a star!  Really I am! I love the Disneyeque vision of life that says,  “When you wish upon a star….Makes no difference who you are..Anything your heart desires…Will come to you” However… frankly, I’m tired of seeing too many good people with good dreams… basically not acting on them. Not living them.  Not seeing their heart desire come true. I hate seeing people stuck… even more NOT living into WHO they really are and doing WHAT they’re gifted to do.    So sad that the majority end up feeling frustrated to even consider their own dream.  Maybe even feels too painful! Yet, many now think “dreams are kind of naive” and don’t have much place in business, life, and certainly in their understanding of the “real world.” So, why?  What’s … Continue reading

On Creating Fear-Free Days


I was thinking…I wonder what it would be like to create a fear free day? Kind of like taking a vacation from fear for a day.  What would that day be like? What would fear – free even look like?  Would it be recognizable from the ordinary?? . * What would a fear-free start to a day involve?  Feel like? * A fear – free way to treat the family? * Fear – free schedule? * Fear-free way to work with clients? * Fear-free way to rest  and let go of what can’t get done? * Fear-free way to handle problems that arise. * What would a fear – free blog post look like? …. Hmmm… I don’t know all the answers for those for you… nor really for me.  But I like it!  Even … Continue reading

7 Awesome Things You Should Probably Do Before Breakfast


Too many days dawn in a whirlwind to get somewhere… do something… Even worse, reply to someone else’s e-mails or watch news that pretty much guarantees an “uhhh” feeling in the gut.  Kind of like starting each day by eating last night’s left over cake. After years of struggling with depression and life that pretty much ran day into day, I feel like something had to change. Admittedly, I came  “kicking and screaming” into having hardly any prescribed habits or routines.  On the Myers Briggs Scale I’m totally a P (“Play it by ear”) type.   And I tend to run from things with “should” by them. HOWEVER, I share this series of habits with you because I’ve found them life-giving and SO much better as a way of life…  Who know, they may be exactly … Continue reading

9 Winning Ways to be Smart at Work


  If you’ve ever felt like “the dumbest of the bunch” in a work environment like you were clueless of where to start or focus when self-employed like you had no clue what direction to go in your education Well….you’re not alone for sure! However here’s something that can bring hope, encouragement and reason why you NEVER need to feel that way again…. Harvard’s Howard Gardner’s groundbreaking study on the distinct ways to be smart, (he calls it the “Multiple Intelligence Theory”) can both set you free AND grant you necessary focus. Of course, we all wish we were smart in every way…. And granted, there are some who shine in multiple ways and shine brightly. But too many of us focus on our weaknesses, somehow thinking that’s the best way to move forward instead … Continue reading

Unlocking the One SuperPower More Important Than Passion


Yep!  Passion is not THE KEY to doing what you love.. and loving what you do… and making a lot of money doing it. Totally agree. I continue to follow the “Is passion REALLY the key to success?” debate…. People with as much clout as Mike Rowe (TV’s Dirty Jobs Host) and Mark Cuban (multimillionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks) They react to the people who advertise.. “Just follow your passion and be successful.. That’s what I did!” Really?  Is that really what you did?? No!  Even if that’s PART of your story.  If passion was all it took, then every American Idol contestant would be famous! There’s something even more fundamental and at the base of what unlocks people. It’s what differentiates the majority of people (Best stats show 70 to 80%) who feel … Continue reading

What’s “Possible” in 2015?


I’ve come to believe that the thing that “dogged us the most” in the past has the greatest potential to be the story of transformation and redemption for our future.  It could be THE KEY to unlocking our whole life… Broke – to Wealthy Philanthropist. Broken Marriage – to Incredible Marriage Trapped in Unforgiveness – to Free and Loving. Hate your Job – to Love Your Job. You might not think this about me – but my biggest struggles in the past have centered around lacking confidence, feeling like a fraud and choosing “stinkin thinkin” or being a chronic “negaholic.” NEGATIVE SELF IMAGE and NEGATIVE THINKING has truly been what created some of the biggest failures in my life.  (At times turned on myself to become seasons and years of depression) I was nursery school … Continue reading

5 Leadership Lessons From the Coach That Never Punts


“Everyone punts” is almost as much football custom as “everyone poops” is for being human.  Punting is just plain what you do on most 4th downs.  Especially when you’re in your own territory. Right? Who says? So, imagine when one bold high school football coach has the audacity to NEVER PUNT and even wilder, ALWAYS ONSIDE KICK….  (True story….See the video below) Talk about a contrarian! And this coach wins football games.  And state championships! Coach Kevin Kelley of Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas, instructs his players to never punt, never field punts, and only do onside kicks, and he claims that math backs up his innovative philosophy. He once scored 29 points before its opponent touched the ball. Frankly, I’m challenged by the guy!  And think there are some lessons for those of … Continue reading

My Top 10 Lessons From This Year


A new year does mean a new life!  However, it also means taking what worked from the past and making that how we then live going forward.   We do get to decide. Personally, 2014 has been a year of change and growth… particularly moving all of life and family out to Colorado.  Yep.  Big change!  But one very much in keeping with Mindy and my vision of  creating a center for leadership development, healing and vision-discovery here in Colorado in the next few years. Still a LONG way to go. However, I thought I’d share some of my own biggest lessons from 2014 with the hope that one, two or even all might encourage or serve you.  And yes, I did need to whittle these down from about 17 or 18 I came up with. … Continue reading

4 Things I Learned by Looking at my Top 20 Popular Posts of 2014


I recently read Michael Hyatt’s post called My Top 20 Most Popular Posts of 2014 (And What I Learned from Them) and became intrigued to ask, “I wonder what I can learn by  looking at my own top 20 most popular posts?” At first, I thought… “there’s absolutely NO rhyme or reason to this!!” “Why are there clearly some posts that blow away all others with readership and spread.  Why??” Then, a few “aha’s hit me.”  At least punched my arm.. if not my gut… I think they will be helpful to me going forward, and I’m thinking they may help you as well!  Or, not?  Well, we’ll see. So, first, here’s my top 20 list.  And, know that the first 3 far and away blow away all others in spread and readership. 1. The Most … Continue reading