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When you're ready to unlock your purpose, coaching will empower you to

1. Maximize your strengths

2. Minimize what holds you back

3. Multiply daily wins in order to achieve your goals and desires.

4. Most importantly... FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE (why you're on this planet!)

Convergence Point Coaching guides, equips and inspires you to do all four to fully leverage your very best and strategically unlock the path to passion, purpose and full potential!

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Our guided retreats offer personalized and private coaching days empowering you towards breakthrough in your life, leadership and career.

We utilize Convergence Point curriculum, assessments and paced reflections to create plans that work. You will both the discover and engage steps to breakthrough spiritually, vocationally, relationally and financially toward your unique vision.

Many people now see guided retreats as the pathway that both fills their personal tanks as well as energizing them (team too!) to the next stage of authentic growth and focus.

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This retreat vision came from both experiences and conviction that real immersion retreats can change everything! From personal growth to making the best directional decisions for you, your family and your company.

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Book Jeff Caliguire to give the keynote at your next event. He will create a live experience to inspire and challenge audiences to live their bigger purpose, overcome setbacks and mindsets and create the life, business or impact they've always dreamed of.

Jeff has more than 30 years of speaking experience and is available to speak to any group organization, no matter the size. He speaks to businesses, churches, non-profits, civic groups, men's groups, and leadership converences and retreats. His topics include Creating Habits of Hope, Unlocking Your Convergence Point, Leadership Secrets and 3 Life-Changing Questions No One's Asking You and more.

Jeff will personally tailor his speech or presentation to your organization to fit your audience and its needs. (Jeff.Caliguire@ConvergencePoint.Biz)


“Convergence Point was what I needed to develop a strategy to do what I was born to do! It helped give me a direction and game plan for my second half.”

Tom Okarma President and Founder of Vantage Point
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How to Turn Discontent Around… And Be Glad You Did it Now!

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Transition

Whenever you’re not living in our authentic place, you experience divine discontent. It’s telling you you’re not growing, your stuck or you’re dying. For example, how many people wait to get fired from a job before realizing they’re living in an unhappy, unfulfilled and less-than authentic place? And when they get fired, they then experience “the blessing” that changed things for the good!

2 Questions to Determine If You’re in Your Ultimate Job or Career

Calling & Career, Personal Growth

Would You be EXCITED to do what you’re doing now at 85? Would you? If “yes,” that’s great! Keep doing it! It the answer is “no.” Or even “not so sure!” then that means what you’re likely not yet doing your ultimate calling or career. YET. The key word here?That would be “YET.”

[VIDEO] Don't Just Follow Your Passion!

Calling & Career, Career and Passion

"JUST FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!" This bad advice has both given the whole concept a bad rap... ruined people's llves, lead to depression and finanical ruin..... and it wasn't necessary. It's more complex than that. Having worked with hundreds of people in career and life transition since 2001, I believe there are other things to consider.....

DOWNLOAD The 12 Questions to Unlock the Mission for Your Marriage!

“This might sound crazy but we probably had our best date inleast 3 year" (Robert and Christie)

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DOWNLOAD The 12 Questions to Unlock the Mission for Your Marriage!

“Use these questions a date night where you explore the even bigger vision: Why are we together?"

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9 Hope-Less Habits to Stop Today

Productivity, Growing Personally

Your hope is far too valuable to inadvertently place in jeopardy. And by "hope" I mean your sense that you're secure, the future is bright and you can be at peace and breathe and live freely. On the contrary, to lose hope is at worst suicide and at best a senseless waste of time, energy and productivity.

How Wise People Will Stop Planning For Retirement. And Instead DO THIS

Calling & Career, Financial Life Planning, Transition

And with all this planning and even goal setting to retire “early,” might it be time for us to say, ”Hold on. Is it time to reevaluate retirement? Rethink it? Even better, reimagine something different to make the golden years golden! Have we just assumed that this way is the best we have to offer to bring about human thriving? Human peace? Human prosperity? Human flourishing?

Taking Cues From Cubs.. DREAMS NEED TEAMS

Calling & Career, Purposeful Leadership

The temptation is to continually think we could or should do it on our own. So we spend abundance of our precious time and energy doing things we were never gifted to do and actually harm our progress. We think, “I don’t need advisors. I can figure it out.” Don’t waste your time going sans team!

Ready to Get Unstuck and Unlock Real Energy in Your Calling and Career?

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Ready to Get Unstuck and Unlock Real Energy in Your Calling and Career?

The best time to make the change, get fully unstuck and be set free is well... now! Let us be your guide to the fulfilling work and life you didn't even know could be turned into reality!

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