10 Signs Your Calling May Be Changing


A question I often hear, “Can my calling change?” My answer: Clearly!   Very few people sense they are called to be doing the same thing at 70 they were doing at 17. In the Bible, Moses starts off as enslaved baby,  becomes a royal family member, justice-fighter, fugitive,  shepherd, spokesperson, deliverer, leader, law-giver… In modern career and work, your calling may change.  Can you know when it does? I write to those who are willing to periodically ask that question.  And be open to the idea that it may be time to leave, seek promotion, get education, seek counsel, get your resume together or start creating a business plan. Truly, it’s important to periodically ask “What am I called to do… now?” As you consider career, I want to share 10 telltale signs that you’re … Continue reading

5 Ways To Stay Married to an Entrepreneur (Happily too!)


Yep.  Marriage is hard no matter what.  But, being married to an entrepreneur brings unique challenges, risks and BENEFITS. Both my wife and I married entrepreneurs.  Yep. Both of us! And a high percentage of my clients are entrepreneurs…and/or their spouses are. Frankly, I believe they (well, we!) can grow incredibly happy, adventurous and deeply fulfilling, even God-blessed marriages.  IF we get some key things straight… and keep em that way! HOWEVER, I know too many AWESOME couples where one, the other, or both have felt “war-weary” from their spouses other “lover.” And…. the up and downs of the entrepreneurial financial roller coaster the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster the “almost there…but never quite” part of start-up. the seasons of being all alone while they’re “who knows where??” THE GOOD NEWS … Continue reading

Empowering Widows to Change the World

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“These women can be world changers!” passionately exclaims widow coach and visionary Shelby Ketchen.  “They’ve come through real pain and loss and they can give back and help others.” I asked Shelby if I could share her story of how she went from depressed and thinking her life was over to being a coach and advocate for widows. “Yeah, they need huge amounts of support.  Someone to just walk with them. But sometimes they also need a kick in the pants more than anything.  Who better to give that to them than someone who totally gets it!” Wow!  I can’t think of many more people I respect more than Shelby Ketchen.  Having experienced the devastating loss when her beloved husband Rich died from the complications from diabetes in 2010, Shelby struggled but has now turned … Continue reading

The Most Missed Key to More Meaningful Workdays

Key on the rocks

It’s clear from plenty of studies, not to mention personal conversations, that we desire meaningful work… not just work.  No meaning… and over time we’re feeling ready to throw in the towel or rip the towel to pieces! “I want to do something I actually care about!  Something that matters!” I know the person who said those words.  He shares my social security number.  : ) Meaningless workdays sucks the life right out of me! I’ll bet it does for you too. DESIRE FOR MEANINGFUL WORK RUNS DEEP Like me, almost all Americans now say they want meaningful work above promotions, income and even job security.  They want more than a paycheck… they want something that pays their bills AND fills their souls.   Satisfies them not just satiates their need for money. Is that selfish?  … Continue reading

Help! My Husband Hates His Job!


What’s it like to hang out with someone who’s feeling frustrated, angry, tired and annoyingly stuck in their day to day work? They come home and sigh a whole lot.  Turn on the television and tune out.  Answer, “Oh, fine,” or “Same” or “Sucked like usual” when asked about their day. They just aren’t happy…especially come Monday! Frankly, the real reason I care so much about this subject is two-fold. 1. I’ve spoken to enough wives who’s spouses feel stuck in their work and they don’t know how or if to help him. 2. For far too many years, I WAS THAT HUSBAND! Here’s something I had no clue about… or maybe just lived in my own self- induced “all about me” bubble that I chose to ignore: MY STRUGGLE WITH MY JOB DIRECTLY AFFECTED … Continue reading

10 Methods to Market if You Hate Marketing


Probably, like you, I didn’t go into business to “market” or “sell” stuff to people. Just the opposite, I actually ran away from working in a family business in New York City because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  I wanted to do what I was passionate about and created lasting change in the world. Marketing was a bad word to me.  Who likes being marketed to… marketed at… marketed by… ?? But, I learned… those of us who really do have valuable that makes a difference in people’s lives… 1. Know exactly what we have to offer. 2. Trust that we’re legit and can be trusted. 3. Know what we do will help THEM…. So, this list is for YOU who seek to make a real difference in people’s lives  and … Continue reading

Moving Social Media from “Me-Me” to “I-Thou”


Who of us isn’t bugged when social media becomes about self-centered showing off, bragging, selfish-selling and getting attention?  The struggle of the inner seeds of good and evil played out in ways to attract attention every single nano-second.  Selfies to the max! It’s the worst in all of us multiplied by technology with ability in mass multiplication.  We hate seeing it, and typically hate seeing it in ourselves.  Yuk! AND like any super-powerful technology, there’s a way we can use it for great evil…. or to for great good.   Great self promotion…. or great others advancement. THESIS” Might the “ME-ME” of social media be intentionally subverted by what theologian Martin Buber calls “I-Thou” relationships?  Relationships that move from seeing others as “things”-  to people just like me… From “its” to spirittual connections that make a … Continue reading

3 Vital Things I Didn’t Learn In the Ivy League


Right, up front, I want you to know I’ve spent years creating an answer for these 3 missing learnings and you can access that below.  Here’s why.  I DO realize there were more than 3 things I didn’t learn!  And  the fact I had the opportunity to study at (even graduate from!) an Ivy League School still blows me away. (I still wonder who wasn’t looking when they reviewed my application! ) But, these three vital things have SO much to do with post-grad life that I would have thought someone else would have raised a stink! (Like I said, I do know I’m not that smart.) My Story Like many of my peers, I just figured, getting in pretty much “set me up” for life.  Career after?  Whatever. The first  “post- I can’t believe … Continue reading

The Most Missed Key to Happy Marriage


Having served as a pastor and performed more than 100 marriages, I always like to ask a couple a key question the first time we meet: Why are you getting married? Couples always get big smiles on their face.. then say things like, “I can’t live without her!” “We have a blast together!”  “We are soooo in love!”  And of course, “She’s my soul mate!” All great things for someone you want to spend “forever with.” Yet, beyond divorce, other recent stats from author Dana Adam Shapiro tell us that years into it, only 17% later claim to even be “happy” in their marriage. Higher or not, that means that 83% of married couples aren’t happy!  Should we just accept that as “the way it is.” Or might we be missing something? Something that’s actually … Continue reading

Mapping Your 4 Making Money Numbers

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Having spent many years and hundreds of hours in financial planning with clients, I am very familiar with the typical questions of the profession: 1. How much do you have? 2. How much do you earn? 3. How much will you need to retire? 4. How much can you save? 5. How much can you invest? Clearly, all really important questions if everyone’s financial goal is “Retire with as much money as possible to live off of someday.” However, there are 4 other money questions that may just be even more important than those… (likely more important!) … 4 you may have never been asked… or asked yourself. It’s on the “How much to earn side of the equation.”  Making money… not just saving, spending or investing. It’s almost assumed that we just need “more.”  … Continue reading