Can You Give Yourself Permission to Succeed?


It seems so humble, so spiritual even to say, “I don’t need to win.”  “It’s good to play small and let others win.”  “Or play safe.” There really are plenty of us in the world who really somehow believe we need permission to succeed… to win at something bigger…. to play for bigger stakes. I’ve heard from enough others (including me) that have repeated words like this inside: “It’s better to let others win” “I’m not the winning type!” “I will offend them if I win.” “Winning is unspiritual.” “They’ll be threatened by me if I succeed.“ “I won’t be happy if I win.” Yep!  Crazy stuff seeing it written out, right?  Yet, believe me, there are plenty of us out there who have rehearsed these lines. But, doesn’t the Bible say we should be … Continue reading

Beat Burnout! Don’t Do These Three Dumb Things.


I was recently sharing my journey of mistakes, missteps and mess-ups with others as  part of  a virtual coaching group. I shared  it’s been difficult to limit my own passions in my career, partly because I’ve had so many diverse life experiences and goofs.  My list included experience with everything from career change to pastoral burnout, carb addictions and relationship chaos.   (Not proud of any of them… Just real) The other coaches part all seemed to hone in on my experience with having gone through burnout, particularly while serving as a pastor. So, what do good coaches do?  They force you to say, “What’s up with that?”  “Why did you experience burnout at such a young age?” Here’s how I responded to them: “Hmmm… I think a lot of burnout, at least my own, has … Continue reading

[VIDEO] One “Stupid Human Trick” to ALWAYS Avoid!


Clearly, there are many great things most humans do do.  (Did I just say that?  The spell checker is wondering what’s up!) Yes, though there really are some amazing things we do,  (brush our teeth, (usually) write stuff, care for the hurting…) most of us have gotten through life without doing some things that could really, really make us happier, healthier and more effective. NOT doing this is what I am using a Lettermanian term called “Stupid Human Tricks” It’s the stuff of eating things that should never be eaten, making noises that should never be made or using body parts for things they weren’t created for! But, some things we do as humans really aren’t so smart. I’m not going to tell you what it is here, but I’ll encourage to spend about 2 … Continue reading

Career Change Tips When You’re Stuck and Clueless


I get it. Career Change is a big deal! After many years investing in education, building a resume and working in the same field, the thought of changing, leaving, going somewhere new can feel daunting.   You feel alone.  Somewhat confused.  Possibly frazzled even. Stuck in the mud. Or worse… feeling like your face is covered with mud! “How did I get here?”  “Can I get out of here?” The typical things people ask when in this position (I know I did!) “WHAT would I do if I leave?” “If I leave, will I regret it and just wind up stuck and clueless again a few years from now?” “Will it hurt my family if I leave a ‘stable’ job?” “Will I make less money?” Frankly, the whole wondering and in-the-head stuff can be downright distracting!  … Continue reading

Make Every Client Want You! Becoming SO Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Buying From Yourself!

Proud stallion standing on top of a cliff

 A few years ago, Marie Forleo wrote a best-selling book called, Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself! Now you have to admit, the title certainly grabs attention! But after hearing Marie explain her main point, I came to see the enormous parallel to business, entrepreneurship, and any form of sales period. It’s this…. Becoming Irresistible involves certain key choices of WHO to be and HOW to relate to others. So the full title of this post is really:  Make Every Client Want You! Becoming So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Buying From Yourself! So, the big question to regularly ask about your business, your product or your offering is “WOULD YOU BUY FROM YOU?” If your answer is an unqualified, “ABSOLUTELY!  I’d pay top price … Continue reading

4 Ways to Harness Your Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Asset


Of course hard work, focused meetings, well-crafted business plans and capital get associated with entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial.  Ask someone to talk about entrepreneurship and one of these surely makes the list. However, after 25 years in the “industry,” I now think these typical assets correlate to believing the golden egg holds more value than the goose that laid them.   Good, but not what matters most. I have no doubt your most important asset as an entrepreneur is NOT your check size,  bank account nor even your late nights at the office.  Instead, it comes from  the care and nurture of your own soul. The most important asset an entrepreneur has to work with and care for… it’s their own personal inspiration. Take away a deep desire to create, persevere, solve problems and have the … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Slay Your Dragon… Brand Your But Off!


For too many of us, the dragon keeping us from our full potential seems to be ever present.  Some of us dealt with some of the same dragons, if not THEE same dragon, since we were wee little ones…. and those dang dragons still dog us in our work, in our marriages, in our spiritual lives.   Our destinies! These dragons keep us from living into all God has for us.  The bigger story.  The better story. I, for one, am “anti-dragon!” Now, don’t call me a hater! It’s just that some dangerous dragons have done SO much damage to really good people over the years, both in taking from what they were doing AND keeping me from doing greater things. It’s time for these dragons to go! In this video, I share my own dragon … Continue reading

5 Quick Questions to Brand Your But Off!


When people think about you what do they think of?  What do they remember? Last summer, I reconnected with part of the church community I served as pastor for ten years in the Boston area.  SO, SOOO good to reconnect with them! However, I did learn some of the things they remembered from the MANY, MANY sermons I preached between 1991 and 2001. “Yeah, who can forget that sermon you preached where you talked about the “Big But Of Easter!” Yep, in all those years, they remember one sermon where I was actually talking about the “resurrection of Jesus” My choice of words made it unforgettable… I guess?? So, truly much of what we say, do and want others to hear is pretty forgettable.  Just the truth, right? So, what about YOU really should be … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Do You Have Something to Teach the World?


It’s been said that “Most people die with the music still in them.” Well, if that’s true, first isn’t that pretty sad?! But, does it need to stay that way?  If most people (you too!) have music trapped inside to share, to teach, to unlock, wouldn’t you want a way to let that music get from the inside out? Well, that’s what this short video (and attached tool!) is all about.  It’s about helping you get clear on what you have to offer… then develop a conscious way to get it from the inside out. So, even if you won’t do it just for you, would you consider sharing what you have to offer for the rest of us?  The world?  You know, people! Watch and see what you think.  Then — DO take the … Continue reading

[VIDEO] A Habit to Overcome Anxiety…. Make Isness Your Business!


So, what’s up with so many of us believing that peace and self-control is the way to be …. and still struggling to be that way… particularly at work? I can only admit to being a control freak at my worst and worried about production and productivity at my best.  There had to be a better way?  But how? Anxiety is really the arch-enemy of so much that we really want, isn’t it?  At it’s root… FEAR. Yet so few of us take seriously doing WHATEVER it takes to show up as the best us… fully present.  Fully OK.  Fully creative. In this video, I share a vision of making “Habit # 1″ to be “Make Isness Your Business.” Give a watch and see what you think!  And as usual, I am always all ears … Continue reading