Hurry: The One Thing To Ruthlessly Eliminate


Let’s face it… I’m nicer when I’m not in a hurry. So are you. There’s really very little good about allowing our lives and our work to become consumed with hurry… which typically leads to worry… which typically leads to… things like Forgetting my coat at church Spilling coffee all over the white chair in the living room.. (Oops.) Shouting at my black lab Barney for barking,  “WILL YOU BE QUIET!”  (hmmmm… good example to him Jeff!) Well, those are reversible. (I think?) But bigger issues include People I love not feeling very loving about me in the midst of my anxiety. People I work with not feeling very creative around me. People I work for not feeling much attention and deep attention.  (Listening and hurry don’t tend to mix well.) And the state of … Continue reading

Are You Scared or Sane?


Scared?  Or Sane? Sometimes we need to consider… sometimes we’re forced to consider! One of my favorite movie scenes ever takes place in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray (Phil) gets in the front seat of a car with two inebriated locals, Gus and Ralph. Phil: What if there were no tomorrow? Gus: No tomorrow? That would mean there would be no consequences, there would be no hangovers. We could do whatever we wanted! Phil: [thinking] That’s true. We could do…whatever we wanted. Phil: It’s the same things your whole life. “Clean up your room!”, “Stand up straight!”, “Pick up your feet!”, “Take it like a man!”, “Be nice to your sister!”, “Don’t mix beer and wine, ever!”. Oh yeah — “Don’t drive on the railroad tracks!” Gus: Eh, Phil… That’s one I happen to agree … Continue reading

Progress When Progress Feels Impossible


Sometimes progress seems like it comes to a grinding halt.  What’s up with that? I get so distracted sometimes!  Everything seems bent on stopping me from moving forward. I would do something courageous if I could figure out what that was. My own spouse doesn’t seem with me in this. We’d get so much done if they only cooperated! What happened to the creative me? I have no idea what to do next. It seems like God was with me..  then left.  Sometimes it seems like our lives and even what we want most lose momentum. Paul pointed it out… “You were running such a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth?” (Galatians 5:7) Even the super-saints of days of old got caught up and lost their way.  … Continue reading

What Might “Unforced” Work Look Like For You?


Lately I’ve come to believe that living life in what’s been called the “unforced rhythms of grace” is not an optional add-on for the fortunate, full-time minister or retired, but a necessity for ALL OF US …  That is, IF we want to experience what Jesus called  the abundant life – OR “life to the full.”    AND – This idea of “unforced” is not for those willing to be unsuccessful, unmotivated or irrelevant to modern life in business or technology or entrepreneurship.   It doesn’t mean we become passive or milquetoast or withdraw from activity.      Instead – UNFORCED means learning how to find AND do our own unforced work in a way that breathes life into us – and into others around us.   My friend Aaron Niequist recently posted a quote from author … Continue reading

6 Visual Reasons to Be in Business to Change the World


I once thought that if you wanted to do work to change the world, you had to work or volunteer for something like the Peace Corps, a church, ministry or at least some kind of non-profit organization. And those DO change the world.  Many are TOTALLY worthwhile. However, there’s a new movement that can actually create more long-term results.  It’s called “Business.”  Have you heard of it? Yes, I once thought that “business was business.”  It wasn’t about doing “good.” Business “should make money,” but change lives? Leave a lasting legacy?  Transform destinies?  REALLY? That wasn’t the place of business.  Was it? I was re-reminded of my mistake once again a few days ago after seeing a post called “These 20 powerful photo’s of kid’s bedrooms will change the way you look at the World.” … Continue reading

More Unforced Days


Today, a forced day… or an unforced day?  Which will it be? I’m learning to discern what trend is having sway… when I’m forcing things not meant to be and when I’m leaning into Gods “unforced rhythms of grace.” Forced feels old, stale, chest-tightening,  life-taking and relationship rocking. The words of forced include “really should,” “Hurry up,” “I’m trying,” “Will you hold on?” “Give me a break?” “Why me!?” Forced includes locked jaw, crossed eyes, agitated gut, sweating brow, shallow breath.  Not how it’s meant to be…. Forced includes tense relationship,  forgiveness withheld, holding back truth, managing image.   Not how it’s meant to be… Listening to our words… noticing our bodies… seeing our impact and recognizing that Jesus has made a new way of life available to those who are willing. “Come to me all … Continue reading

Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?


Good news. The commonly quoted stat that  90% of new businesses fail with 10 years may be too high. Actually it’s now reported that roughly 65% of business will fail in 10 years  US Statistics. The Bad News: The main reason they failed…. The entrepreneurs were the wrong people in the wrong place doing the wrong things. Statistic Brain measures it this way: Cause of Failure: Incompetence (46%) AND Unbalanced or Lack of Managerial Experience (30%)  Add that up and the main reason businesses fail (76%) is because the wrong entrepreneurs were at the helm.  Another 11% is because of lack of experience in those goods or services! But, despite these challenges MANY, MANY people want to be entrepreneurs Overall – 48% of Americans say they want to be entrepreneurs.  (Fox Business) The Kaufman Foundation … Continue reading

When Your Work’s Not Your Passion


I recently heard an extremely gifted CEO share, “God’s given me this company and I’m really grateful … but this isn’t my passion.” I’ve been thinking about his comment and realizing just how many people are “in his boat.”  People with opportunity to make a living, credentials and even gifts – but like him, if honest, they would say, “This isn’t my passion.” So what then?  What if….. the work you do isn’t your passion? I realize if given the choice, the knowledge or the opportunity most, would be thrilled combine work and passion.  They would want to be BOTH extremely skilled and gifted in their work AND extremely passionate. And yes, passionate working people actually exist in the world and they’re often very happy and typically successful when they’ve found that combo. BUT – … Continue reading

How Much Career Frustration is ENOUGH!?


I’ve heard this same question again and again in different forms: How much career frustration should I take before saying, “Enough is enough!”” Some are a bit more outward. “I want to scream!” As the great philosopher Popeye put it, “That’s all I can stands… cause I canst stands no more!” Got Spinach? Here are some of the kinds of frustrations I hear. (Actually I often feel visceral sadness when hear really good people struggle this way…)  I feel like the only reason I’m still here is because of the paycheck I went to school for this and now I wonder what I was thinking They’ve pigeonholed me into a job and I can’t do anything about it. As a woman, I can’t be part of the “old boys club.” I come home drained but … Continue reading

Is it OK to be a Cronut?


When it comes to what you do with your life… how you earn a living… where you’re gifted, can you be OK if you don’t fit in with the norm?  You know.  Are you typical? Truth: Some among us  (maybe including you or someone you love) just won’t, can’t and never will fit the typical career and education mold. In a world that loves to bring clear definition and categories, some are NOT standard. Admittedly, I do it too.  I meet a college senior in the hot tub and ask him what he majors in and what he’s going to do when he graduates.  Easy for me, he fit “categories.”  Bio major.  Pre-med.  Plans to be a pediatric doctor.  Oh good, I know what those are and what those do.  Phew. However, in a world … Continue reading