If you're seeking to experience career breakthrough and spiritually significant success, you've found your tribe! Convergence Point empower you to unleash God's abundant journey of living in the "convergence point" of WHO YOU REALLY ARE, DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST in the place WHERE WEALTH FLOWS! This time without the stress and striving! That's so much the old way. Been there, done that!


3 DAYS TO UNLOCK THE WORK YOU LOVE: Discover 3 Simple Secrets to Work You Love So You Can Leave the Job You Hate and Create a Business You Love! (three-part video series and now a special bonus video!)

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Welcome and Get Started!

Welcome and Get Started!

Get to know Jeff Caliguire and learn how Convergence Point empowers you to unleash your unique potential in career, leadership and livelihood!



When you're ready to unleash your unique potential, coaching will empower you to

1. Maximize your strengths

2. Minimize what holds you back

3. Multiply daily wins in order to achieve your goals and desires.

Convergence Point Coaching guides, equips and inspires you to do all three to fully leverage your very best and strategically unlock the path to passion, purpose and full potential!

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Our guided retreats offer personalized and private coaching days empowering you towards breakthrough in your life, leadership and career.

We utilize Convergence Point curriculum, assessments and paced reflections to create plans that work. You will both the discover and engage steps to breakthrough spiritually, vocationally, relationally and financially toward your unique vision.

Many people now see guided retreats as the pathway that both fills their personal tanks as well as energizing them (team too!) to the next stage of authentic growth and focus.

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This retreat vision came from both experiences and conviction that real immersion retreats can change everything! From personal growth to making the best directional decisions for you, your family and your company.

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Embedded in the stories of your life, your God-created unique DNA coding, lies the clear and unmistakable pattern of your repeatable energy.. your motivation... your thrust... What if you could employ your passionate energy and get paid to do it?

It's out of that belief and passion that the Convergence Point tools and branding process (personal and organizational) seek to help you live into the best story of your life... and your company.

Beginning with very detailed listening that helping draw out and create your story so those who need it most get to access it!

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“Convergence Point was what I needed to develop a strategy to do what I was born to do! It helped give me a direction and game plan for my second half.”

Tom Okarma President and Founder of Vantage Point
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Awakening the Spiritually Alive Entrepreneur

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality

There's a huge need for the entrepreneur to be fully alive in every way. So, how? How do entrepreneurs grow their souls as they grow their businesses? Here's something from the Bible that can make all the difference!

I Think I Have a Crazy Entrepreneurial Idea!

Calling & Career, Entrepreneurship

You may have a "crazy entrepreneurial idea" and others think you're nuts! But, how do you know when you need to act on that crazy idea?

When Your Creative Life's No Facebook Post!

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Creativity, Entrepreneurship

“All creativity emerges from struggle. All art is born out of the pain of labor.” So, why is that still so hart for creatives and entrepreneurs to live with?

DOWNLOAD The 12 Questions to Unlock the Mission for Your Marriage!

“This might sound crazy but we probably had our best date inleast 3 year" (Robert and Christie)

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DOWNLOAD The 12 Questions to Unlock the Mission for Your Marriage!

“Use these questions a date night where you explore the even bigger vision: Why are we together?"

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Does God Want You To Love Your Work?

Calling & Career, Personal Growth

Does God want you to love your work? Hmmm..... That’s' a big one. Especially for those of us who are either feel stuck in current situations we can't honestly say we "love," or those of us who've been to hell and back at work and wonder, "was God in this?" Or possibly even tried our best at something and weren’t able to make money doing it.

The Number One Step to Unlock Contagious Creativity

Productivity, Creativity, Entrepreneurship

​My friend George shared this with me... and at first, the concept just went in one ear and out the other. ( Like a whole lot of concepts! : ) But, I kept thinking about it! And I came to a "brilliant" conclusion! He's totally right! And the success of the organization he co-founded, the Stanford Design School has proved the concept valid. Yet, I've NEVER heard anyone teaching on creativity (in business, art or spirituality!) come near to recognizing what George shared as the first and key ingredient to being creative.

7 Humble Ways to Stand Out

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Purposeful Leadership

I believe the best reason to stand out is to live out your full potential and set yourself apart as uniquely you... no comparison, no compromise, no choice but to be us! We've been tempted to be average in everything. We dabble but don't commit. And that works for most people... at least to get by. But, dabblers and being everything to everyone certainly won't bring about a legacy of a whole lot.

Ready to Get Unstuck and Unlock Real Energy in Your Calling and Career?

Get Your Sweet Spot Back!

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Ready to Get Unstuck and Unlock Real Energy in Your Calling and Career?

The best time to make the change, get fully unstuck and be set free is well... now! Let us be your guide to the fulfilling work and life you didn't even know could be turned into reality!

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