Build on Your Strengths in 2015


Of course, it’s always inspiring to see others succeed in some area of endeavor.  THEN they stand up and with all sincerity tell us, “You can do it too!  I did it!” Can we?  Really? Of course we can learn from them and be inspired that growth, change and breakthroughs can happen for us earthlings! However, though well-meaning, this assumes 1. I’m just like you. 2. I’m motivated like you. 3. I have the support in place like you do.  I’m sure there are many reasons for the abysmal success rates of New Years Resolutions and annual goal – setting.  Some statistics 46% of Americans make them 25% don’t even make it past the first week! 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions! This is total conjecture… but I think I’m still right: I believe … Continue reading

5 Clues to Unlock Your Stupid Human Trick


Thou Shalt Know Thy “Stupid Human Trick” … at least if you want to succeed in business, entrepreneurship, leadership without working yourself into a frenzy.  That’s what Entrepreneur Consultant and author Robert Hirsch teaches. And I think he’s really on to something!   Though I had never heard it put that way before, knowing your “stupid human trick” can make all the difference between trying and succeeding. Any Letterman lover will remember those crazy people who demonstrated the bizzare skill they had… that no one else had! Boulder resident (of course, Boulder!) Bethany Pruitt can stick grapes up her nose with her tongue, then blow them back out and eat them! Jeff Smithron from Wisconsin can play popular old songs with plastic razors. My friend Michael Freeborn’s son Joel, can open a beer bottle with nothing … Continue reading

No Longer Feeling Stupid About Your Career 101


In his recent book, The Person Called You: Why You’re Here, Why You Matter and What You Should Do With Your Life, author and giftedness expert Bill Hendricks put bluntly what so many of us have felt… but didn’t put into words this concise, “Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you may be or what academic degrees you may have: if you don’t know what to do with your life you feel really stupid.”  This reminds me of all the adults who I’ve heard say… “I’m still trying to figure out what to do when I grow up, The students who wanted to crawl under a chair when yet another adult asked them,“What are you going to major in?” or worse, “What are you going to do when you graduate?” So, why … Continue reading

Why You Resist Necessary Change


Five years ago I was invited by my friend Bob to a Catholic Church up in Northern Illinois to hear Author Matthew Kelly speak on the topic of Change. Speaking to an audience of almost 800 people, Kelly asked, “How many people here think people like change?” I looked around.  Not one single hand went up….  Just what I expected.  Right? Wait: Except for one!  It was his.  Mathew Kelly’s! “I DO believe people like change!  People want to lose those 10 pounds.  We want to find a job we love.  We want a better relationship.  Of course we like change!” “The problem most of us have…. It’s TRANSITION.  It’s the movement from here to there.  It’s doing things different.  It’s stepping away from the patterns we’ve become comfortable with. It’s changing our diet to … Continue reading

The 3 People You Stay Happily Married To


Given the glaring statistics showing that just a small minority of people stay happily married long-term(Some polls say just 17%!), what would you do when you get to know a couple in their 60′s not only still married – but really happily married? Here’s what I did: I asked them, “What’s your secret?”  “Why are you so much at ease around  each other and happy together?” Doug and Doris gave me permission to share their answer with you.  I’d never heard anyone share this important perpective before! Here’s what they told me“From the start, we realized we were marrying 3 people.” Huh?  Legally? Well, Doug told me, “I married my friend.  I married my partner.  And I married a spouse.  It takes having all 3 to really make things work.” Doug and Doris went on … Continue reading

The Only Way Forward in Ferguson… and Beyond


Growing up in a conservative Church, I would regularly hear these phrased piously repeated when it came to issues in our world that were downright confusing, challenging and seemingly without solution: “It will all be made right someday.” “We’ll have to wait until we get to heaven to understand these things.” “God will cause all things to work together for good…” Things referred to included, the conflict in the Middle East, the disparity between rich and poor, abuse by those in power and certainly anything getting close to racial tension.  Basically, the really hard stuff! Or, “we just need to pray.” Now, those things may all be true…. but it still leaves us in a mess and frees us to go on and basically behave as if we’re not part of this mess…. We then … Continue reading

Why You Should Write Anyway


Have you heard the statistic that 80% of Americans want to write a book?    200 million people feel they have something to write.   That’s pretty amazing!! And as you know, only a very small few will ever do it… Then there’s the other statistics that 1/3 of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.  42 percent of college graduates never read another book after college. 70 percent of the books published do not make a profit. Sadly, just a small minority of people read anyway! Writing’s Even Really Hard at Times! And, having written and published books both through publishers and self-publishing,I can tell you from experience that writing a book takes longer than you think, often feels like failing and can be excruciating at times….especially the rewrites… Some … Continue reading

How Thanksgiving Still Changes Everything


No matter how you slice it. giving thanks may be THE most important discipline and decision in any of our lives.. today and tomorrow. Yeah, I get it.  Who of us can’t quickly and easily enumerate what’s wrong with things the way they are  particularly visionary types who see what can, should and must be? Simply put, things aren’t “there yet.”  The news reminds us —- and plenty more closer to home issues. Yet, today’s holiday founded by a group of dreamers who came to a new land, decimated in number by disease, starvation and winter without adequate shelter.. calls us to something much, much better.  Appreciation.  Thanking.  Remembering all we DO have. Instead of giving up, turning back, destroying their vision of a land of freedom and hope, these Mayflower refugees not only stuck … Continue reading

10 Signs Your Calling May Be Changing


A question I often hear, “Can my calling change?” My answer: Clearly!   Very few people sense they are called to be doing the same thing at 70 they were doing at 17. In the Bible, Moses starts off as enslaved baby,  becomes a royal family member, justice-fighter, fugitive,  shepherd, spokesperson, deliverer, leader, law-giver… In modern career and work, your calling may change.  Can you know when it does? I write to those who are willing to periodically ask that question.  And be open to the idea that it may be time to leave, seek promotion, get education, seek counsel, get your resume together or start creating a business plan. Truly, it’s important to periodically ask “What am I called to do… now?” As you consider career, I want to share 10 telltale signs that you’re … Continue reading

5 Ways To Stay Married to an Entrepreneur (Happily too!)


Yep.  Marriage is hard no matter what.  But, being married to an entrepreneur brings unique challenges, risks and BENEFITS. Both my wife and I married entrepreneurs.  Yep. Both of us! And a high percentage of my clients are entrepreneurs…and/or their spouses are. Frankly, I believe they (well, we!) can grow incredibly happy, adventurous and deeply fulfilling, even God-blessed marriages.  IF we get some key things straight… and keep em that way! HOWEVER, I know too many AWESOME couples where one, the other, or both have felt “war-weary” from their spouses other “lover.” And…. the up and downs of the entrepreneurial financial roller coaster the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster the “almost there…but never quite” part of start-up. the seasons of being all alone while they’re “who knows where??” THE GOOD NEWS … Continue reading