10 Questions to KNOW Your "Niche That Needs You"

Jeff Caliguire 04/09/15

I've come to believe it's important to pay attention to what "bugs us." What irritates, distracts us or even makes us mad may be 'divine dissatisfaction" or even clue to what WE need to do something about sooner rather than later!

So, lately I've been "bugged" about the concept of niche. I think I've even been "bugging" my own coaching group lately with the need to fully clarify and understand niche before honing in on on tagline or creating content to serve "them."

My big bugging questions have been: If THEM is who we're put here to help ... AND we can't help everyone... (tried that! Ugh)

  1. "How can we be sure WHO THEM IS?"
  2. "How do we know who needs what we have to offer THEM?"
  3. "Who are we speaking to when communicating to THEM?"

I've been coaching and consulting professionally since 2001 and, yes I STILL need more clarity around these! You'd think I'd be better, right?

What exactly do I mean by "niche that needs you?" Well, other words to describe this is clearly knowing your "target market," your "tribe," your "lifers" or just your just those you want to help! (and possibly even get paid to help!)

Focusing our niche not only helps us more effective meet their needs and address their real issues effective, it also keeps us from getting distracted or pulled away by meeting needs or serving every need or opportunity that comes our way. And, though we may want to try, we CAN NOT do it all or meet every need! (Ask me how I learned this??)

So, I realize this one is a "two-for." Part ME needing to get more clarity on really knowing who needs me AND part realizing I want to help others to really know the niche that needs them... in business... service... or just plain life!

So, think about you? Who is the "niche that needs you." It may not be as obvious as you first thought! Trust me, it wasn't until I did this exercise! You may want to print these out. (just sayin, that helped me and I wrote them!)

So, here are the 10 questions I put myself through. (At the end, I'll share my own conclusions. )

1. What needs do you feel really equipped, gifted or called to address? (could be because of experience, past pain, training, opportunity)

2. What person or group of people have you best helped in the past?

(you both enjoyed helping them AND they experienced positive results)

3. Describe this person/people you really helped.

Age -

Gender -

Vocation/Career -

Need/Desire that attracted them to you -

Psycho-graphic description (things like lonely, unfulfilled, unhappy, feeling unsuccessful...) -

Key Beliefs -

Other -

4. What did you provide for this person/group that made their lives/businesses/relationships better? (in their words if possible)

5. What change/improvement did you offer that was most rewarding or fulfilling from your perspective?

6. If they were to tell 5 other people about you, your services or product, WHO would they tell? (Describe them)

7. If you were fabulously wealthy and never had to work for money again, who would you want to help?

8. If you were to spend 4 days in an isolated cabin involved with a small group of people you could serve or help, who would you want in that cabin? (What do they have in common?)

9. How would you describe the people or group you're helping or serving when time seems to stand still for you? (you're in "flow")

10. What unaddressed opportunity or need bugs you? Who has this need?

Summarize: What 3 main things can describe your "Need You" Niche? Then give them a summary "name."

Look back at your answers and consider the main themes and what sets these people/groups apart from others? (Be as specific as you can)

So, here's what I came up with as I went through the exercise myself. The niche that needs what I have to offer

1. Wants to integrate their faith in and through their work authentically. (they long for success, but one that's a spiritually significant success)

2 They're entrepreneurial (or moving that way) with a creative vision of influence, change and growth that may need to be fully clarified, implemented or grown to it's full potential. (They desire make a purposeful difference with their life and through their work)

3. Seek clarity, support and authentic and safe community to overcome what keeps them from being fully unleashed, utilized, creative or growing their business and/or influence to a its intended level. They're team player types.

Summary name = " Purpose-preneurs Seeking Spiritually Significant Success)

That that was my "aha!" Love to hear if this helps you and what you come up with!

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