Seeing the Spiritual in the Everyday

spiritualI’m not sure where I got this idea, or how it started, but somehow I learned to subtly  categorize things as Spiritual – and UN-spiritual.

Churches were spiritual. Prayer was spiritual.  Devotional books were spiritual.  Pastors and missionaries were spiritual.  Certain events were spiritual.  Studying theology was spiritual.  Crosses and scripture pictures on your wall were spiritual.  As were Precious Moments figurines, Mother Theresa and Billy Graham.


  • Feeding the dog – no
  • Doing laundry – no
  • Computers – no
  • Real Estate – no
  • Sales – totally no
  • Banking – definitely, totally no!
  • Rock Music – notta chance!
  • Actors – Who?

Interestingly, Jesus just didn’t seem to divide life that way!

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour.”   Like yeast?

God’s Kingdom is like “a net.”   It’s like “treasure hidden in a field.” Like a “sower scattering seed.” Like a “mustard seed.”

Like the ORDINARY things in everyday life!  NOT just the temple, priests, and prayer shawls.

Might Jesus today have instead said.  “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…

  • A thoughtful e-mail
  • An instagram sent to inspire
  • A guy who changed a diaper
  • A woman who decided not to go through with the divorce
  • A manager who took his team out for Mexican food
  • An investor who bought Apple stock in the 90′s
  • A son who texted his mom to tell her thank  you


The invasion of the spiritual into our every day does NOT tend to look like sound and light shows or choirs or “God-talk.” Instead it’s seeing God in the “mundane” and “normal.”  OR realizing that there is NO such thing as mundane and normal in the first place!

Yes, I am incredibly guilty of seeing things like coins, investments, managers and texts as being “secular” and not mattering to God.  I have seen certain things as “counting” and other things as “not counting.”

Very much not the case!

Might the greatest act of God in our world today be when people like you and me place new value and give new attention to seeing God fully alive in the every day?

PS. I have recently joined with a group/tribe called The Practice ( that meets together to learn how to better see and experience God in the every day. In an age when so many of us have felt that church is becoming detached from every day life,  Aaron Niequist, Shauna Niequist, Mindy Caliguire and the rest of their team have begun leading a revolutionary way to do church and life!  If you live in the Chicago area, it meets on Sunday nights  between 7 and 9 and is open at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington.  Or, if not, stay tuned!  I don’t believe  The Practice vision will stay in one place for too long!  (Just sayin!)

About JeffCaliguire

Jeff is an author, coach, consultant, and communicator with a mission to help people unleash their authentic life, leadership and livelihood. He loves what he does and has fun doing it! (He wants that for others!) He is also the co-founder and coach of Convergence Point. www.ConvergencePoint.Biz.
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2 Responses to Seeing the Spiritual in the Everyday

  1. Steve Palmer says:

    Spot on Jeff! You may want to check out the book “The practice of the presence of God” by Brother Lawrence for further insight.

    • JeffCaliguire says:

      Thanks so much Steve! I read that a long time ago but definitely could benefit from a refresher course. I know that’s one of Mindy’s favorites as well. Sure miss you! Any trips out this way? By the way, heading out to CO next week. See Jon a CU Boulder and ski at Breckenridge and Vail!

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