A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Really, the best thing a website can offer is a relationship and an opportunity to do something great together! I'm an author, coach and professional keynote speaker who's been "unlocking" purpose in great people and teams professionally since 2001. Watch this short video to get to know a bit more about me and why I'm passionate to unlock people's unique potential! (Hint, it started with my own story of NOT being there!)

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My Short Story PLUS 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me (and Not Even Care to Know!)

How I Ended Up "Here"

I clearly had NO idea what my degrees in "Government" and masters in "Systematic Theology" would help me to do other than I was somewhat interested in the topics. And I was the son of a business owner from New York City and was encouraged to go into the "family business." (paper)

Instead, I helped found a church in the Boston area and pastored it for decade... loving the people, yet at the same time felt like I was a "fish out of water" in my work and my life!

Burnout, depression and relationship struggles weren't on my top list of "success principles" nor was the failure to address the constant uneasiness in my soul!

In a very miraculous way (a story for another day) I met some teachers and coaches who helped me in some key ways. They helped me see..

  1. Who I was ... was EXACTLY who God created me to be.
  2. What I was gifted to do was perfect for the work I was called to
  3. Caring for my own soul was my FIRST business and key to life, leadership, relationships, health
  4. Financial security and breakthrough was a great thing! Not "unspiritual"

What I Love About What I NOW Do

So, as you might have guessed, I now coach and advise others seeking, ready or even forced to go on the journey called "Convergence Point."

  1. Being fully WHO you are,
  2. Doing WHAT you do best and
  3. Thriving and growing in the place meant for you!
  4. Making a living WHILE making a difference!

I love seeing the lights go on, the stress come down and the visions, teams ministries, and companies get birthed in a way that brings life ... not burnout. I love seeing people paid for their passion.

And I get to work with incredible people on a journey to fully unleashing their unique potential in their life, leadership and livelihoods! I see people becoming who they really are and changing the world doing it!

What I Want For the Future

I want to continue to do what I do ... helping unleash others to their full potential. I want to partner with more and more others who help them in different ways

I want to continue coaching and lead more incredible retreats with both individuals and with couples and teams. And I want to continue to focus on my own best gifts and give up thinking I can do it all!

And I want to develop leaders who want to develop other leaders who thrive!

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me (and Not Care to Know!)

1. I grew up in New Jersey... but now live in Colorado.

2. I once sang the jingle for San Giorgio Pasta and was paid to do it!

3. I'm married to Mindy Caliguire! (27... well, almost 28 years!) She's pretty awesome! (Especially for being so patient with me!)

4. I am "dad" to 3 sons (Jeff, Jon and Josh) They're pretty awesome!

5. I am "Master" to Harry, Barney and Scrappy! They think I'm pretty awesome! (Yep, and I give them food, walk them and scratch their tummies, give them treats way too often... and they think I'm awesome.. hmmmm...)

6. I broke my nose at least twice! (Ask my big brother and my football coach about those!)

7. I'm addicted to hiking, skiing and biking in the mountains. (Yep, LOVE Colorado!)

8. I graduated with a BA in government from Cornell University, but had absolutely no idea what I would do when I graduated until spring of senior year! Yikes!)

9. I have a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and had no idea what I would do when I graduated from there as well!

10. I came to faith in Jesus after a grain alcohol fraternity party that I think was even legal back then!

11. I worked on staff at one of the biggest churches in the country in the early 90's - then started a church in Boston that began with about 20 people! (Can't hide when you're preaching, that's for sure!)

12. I struggled with burnout as a pastor and depression in the 1990's and had NO idea that that was even possible, nonetheless for me!

13. I discovered that my mom was wrong: "Jeff, you can do anything!" Nope. Not true for pro football or a bunch of other things!

14. I came up with the idea of being a professional "personal coach" in the late 1990's - then discovered that others were already doing it! (So, I enrolled in Coach U!)

15. My favorite food in the whole world is called "Gnocchi" ... potato pasta with white flour....And I seek regularly to avoid carbs. And did I mention my favorite food is "Gnocchi?"

16. I've written over 10 books. 5 are even published!

17. I'm currently on a mission to help people all over get UNSTUCK from what holds them back and FULLY and FREELY (without stress) live their God-given destinies in the way they were designed.

18. I fell about 40 feel while skiing a powder packed run at Winter Park and searched for my skies for a half hour. (Found both! And lost 10 pounds of sweat!)

19. I am fully trained and licensed to help others in financial planning, investing for the future and managing financial risk. (Own my own financial firm called Convergence Point Wealth Advisors)

20. My life has been radically changed through the power of understanding my real design, working with great coaches and participating in retreats. (I now get to help others that way!)

  • "The fear is gone!"

    " I am so excited for what the future holds and I don’t think I could have moved past my fear if it wasn’t for your solid direction. You helped me build myself, my vision and my business starting with the foundation. You totally got me; my vision to keep things light, kind and fun. You made the sessions all about me and my dream and that’s what I want to do for others. The fear is gone! The list could go on and on forever!"

    Terrie Kaiser Knoll Founder, Speaker and Coach, A Balanced Core Lifestyle

    Clearly, Jeff prayerfully prepares for each session, taking into account what he has learned about me, along with my unique goals/ passions in the goal of guiding me into becoming the most authentic person I can be through doing the work God created me to do.

    Through time , Jeff has become more than a life coach . He is also a teacher/ counselor, advocate, cheerleader, a friend, and a brother in Christ. Priceless!!!

    Melanie Rodgers Creative Leader, Professional Musician
  • You Quickly Earned Our Trust!

    "On behalf of my wife, Sarah, and myself, I want to thank you once again for the VIP Day. Your expertise, insight, and genuineness were more than evident as you quickly earned my trust.Your tenderheartedness and sincerity allowed me to be fully open and available to the process. We look forward to where and how God will move in the weeks and months ahead."

    Robert Holcombe Founder, Holcombe Remodeling​
  • Focused My Passions

    "In a time of personal transition, completing the ASCEND process helped me to focus on my passions and what is important to me. It also made me realize that I would do my best when I was doing what was best for me!"

    Dan Sawchuk CPA, Tassi and Company ​
  • My Life Has Changed

    "My life has changed because of your influence. My time with you directly influenced what I am doing now. Thank you!"

    Noah Adair President, Emmaus Ministries
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