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[VIDEO] 3 Focusing Questions to Unlock Your Motivation and Productivity

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Productivity

In this video I share 3 simple, but very clarifying questions that can quickly help you greatly increase your motivation and greater productivity... IF you answer them honestly and take action.

WHAT NOW in Light of Vegas??

Calling & Career, Personal Growth

In light of the Vegas shootings, we can make today count. We can summon our own courage to take concrete action to live our purpose. We can move to make this world a better place doing what we’re uniquely called to do… today even more committed than yesterday.

Simply Finding Your Unique Message

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Purposeful Leadership

Unique messages aren’t the possession of special people unlike you. You simply need the willingness and the right way to unlock it. You need the courage to step back and explore what you really have to say. To excavate yourself with three simple questions.

Neuroscience, Coaching and Lasting Change

Calling & Career, Personal Growth, Purposeful Leadership

Brains need to be changed from patterns of stuck, stressed and feeling inadequate to free, peaceful and achieving potential as a way of life. And most education and training (even spiritual!) hasn’t equipped us do this. However, today, like never before, there’s something that can. It’s great coaching.

Should YOU Become a Freelancer?

Calling & Career, Productivity, Entrepreneurship

And as you may already know millions in the US economy are moving to become freelancers.. either full time or part time. Whether you left a job or want to leave a job, is freelancing for you? It is if you feel good about doing these 7 things...

When You’re Unsure of Your Purpose

Calling & Career, Personal Growth

Purpose need not be shrouded in some kind of impossible puzzle that’s yet to be revealed by some stroke of lighting, luck or spiritual life-quest. Purpose means you feel a sense of WHY in the midst of life’s whats. A reason to persevere when things get rough

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Jeff has been coaching professionally since 2001 and unlocking leaders and entrepreneurs to fully discover and engage their callings and dreams. He has authored numerous books on the subjects and worked with some of the most incredible on the planet!

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