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5 Life Experiences Before It’s Too Late

Personal Growth, Spirituality

I wrote down my own list of “5 Life Experiences Before it’s Too Late.” Kind of a bucket list of being. Here’s my 5. Feel free to take any (or all) that relate to you.

5 Pathways to Heal Your Low Energy Problem

Personal Growth, Spirituality

There are 5 key pathways to heal low energy… And, very importanly: THEY ARE ALL INTERRELATED. And many of us need healing very tangibly on one or more of these areas sooner rather than later.

Change Your Brain ... And Change Your Life!

Personal Growth, Productivity

Be healthier, happier and even more productive. How? By learning how to intentionally develop habits of hope that change your brain!

Teaching... Today's Most Wanted Business Skill!

Calling & Career, Personal Growth

Teachers are fast becoming the new millionaires and multi-millionaires because they are providing something almost everyone needs: practical ways to take ALL the information and data and apply it to our needs. Are you a teacher? Do you want to grow your skills to teach? Lean into your teaching! Be the MVP you are!

Re: Better Than “Finding Your Passion”

Calling & Career, Productivity, Growing Personally

You really can change the world if you care enough. Soooooo…. what should you do if you don’t care???? Or you don’t care any more?

How To Do A Complaining Fast (And be better as a result!)

Personal Growth, Productivity

Complaining is basically a national health crisis! (Consider the increase in depression, obesity, suicied, high blood pressure, divorce....) So, why aren’t we hearing more about it? And fasting from it can rewire our brains. But, fasting, by definition means “abstaining.” It comes from the Hebrew word to “cover the mouth.” And its a spiritual practice, usually from food and/or drink, that leads us to recognize dependence and an opening up ourselves to an immaterial reality.

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