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Teaching... Today's Most Wanted Business Skill!

Teachers are fast becoming the new millionaires and multi-millionaires because they are providing something almost everyone needs: practical ways to take ALL the information and data and apply it to our needs. Are you a teacher? Do you want to grow your skills to teach? Lean into your teaching! Be the MVP you are!

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Re: Better Than “Finding Your Passion”

You really can change the world if you care enough. Soooooo…. what should you do if you don’t care???? Or you don’t care any more?

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RE: Defeating the Confidence-Killing Monster

Call me crazy, but I honestly believe each of us has a purpose to fulfill. Something the world really needs that we get to offer. But, call most people crazy. Most people don’t use what they have! They don’t bring their best work, build their best business, sing their best song, write the best book, sell their best goods…. Why? Because the crazy monster voice they’re listening to tells them, “Stay small!” “Play small!” “Be small! “You’re just plain small!”

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Unlocking Your Superpower in Business and Life!

Compared to the majority of professionals where two out of three is disengaged from work, those with the purpose superpower are fully engaged. Compared to a U.S. workforce where only 30% report being actively involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work, those with the purpose superpower feel excited about what they get to do.

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Jeff has been coaching professionally since 2001 and unlocking leaders and entrepreneurs to fully discover and engage their callings and dreams. He has authored numerous books on the subjects and worked with some of the most incredible on the planet!

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