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Could it be that the reason so few make headway in creating new things (companies, creative inventions, artwork, products, tools...) is a subtle belief that we need to get it right right away?

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Do You Have a “Good Idea?”

Almost every thing you used today sprung from someone’s idea. The car you drove. The phone you used to text. The chair you sat on. The food you bought at the store. The screen you read this post on. The idea of blogs! But how about your idea? Do you have one? Is it a good idea?

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When Your Creative Life's No Facebook Post!

“All creativity emerges from struggle. All art is born out of the pain of labor.” So, why is that still so hart for creatives and entrepreneurs to live with?

Productivity , Creativity , Entrepreneurship

The Number One Step to Unlock Contagious Creativity

​My friend George shared this with me... and at first, the concept just went in one ear and out the other. ( Like a whole lot of concepts! : ) But, I kept thinking about it! And I came to a "brilliant" conclusion! He's totally right! And the success of the organization he co-founded, the Stanford Design School has proved the concept valid. Yet, I've NEVER heard anyone teaching on creativity (in business, art or spirituality!) come near to recognizing what George shared as the first and key ingredient to being creative.

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