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Calling & Career , Financial Life Planning , Transition

How Wise People Will Stop Planning For Retirement. And Instead DO THIS

And with all this planning and even goal setting to retire “early,” might it be time for us to say, ”Hold on. Is it time to reevaluate retirement? Rethink it? Even better, reimagine something different to make the golden years golden! Have we just assumed that this way is the best we have to offer to bring about human thriving? Human peace? Human prosperity? Human flourishing?

Personal Growth , Financial Life Planning , Transition

Why You Resist Necessary Change

Five years ago I was invited by my friend Bob to a Catholic Church up in Northern Illinois to hear Author Matthew Kelly speak on the topic of Change. What he had to say was the changed my whole thinking on the topic! Change is not the real challenge. Speaking to an audience of almost 800 people, Kelly asked, "How ...

Financial Life Planning , Entrepreneurship

Mapping Your 4 Making Money Numbers

Having spent many years and hundreds of hours in financial planning with clients, I am very familiar with the typical questions of the profession: 1. How much do you have? 2. How much do you earn? 3. How much will ...

Calling & Career , Financial Life Planning , Transition

The ONE THING You Must Do As Soon as You Retire, Get Fired or Leave

An 87-year-old man was confident when he told me: "If I could do it again, I would never just retire.  At least retire without really thinking things through first." "What do you mean?  What would you do differently?" I asked ...

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