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Discover the burning desires inside you that make all the difference between just "doing a job" and being on a mission or leading a revolution!

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Unlocking Your Superpower in Business and Life!

Compared to the majority of professionals where two out of three is disengaged from work, those with the purpose superpower are fully engaged. Compared to a U.S. workforce where only 30% report being actively involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work, those with the purpose superpower feel excited about what they get to do.

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What Really Keeps People from Pursuing Purposeful Work? (And how to not be like them!)

Why? Oh, why wouldn’t everyone then do whatever it takes to pursue purposeful work (and a purpose throughout their life?) Shouldn’t it be a given that any person who could would?

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Are You Ready for the PURPOSE ECONOMY?

Have you heard of the Purpose Economy? According to leading thinkers, "IT is the next big economic movement!" According to science, business and medicine, it's changing our bodies and our companies!

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Taking Cues From Cubs.. DREAMS NEED TEAMS

The temptation is to continually think we could or should do it on our own. So we spend abundance of our precious time and energy doing things we were never gifted to do and actually harm our progress. We think, “I don’t need advisors. I can figure it out.” Don’t waste your time going sans team!

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Jeff has been coaching professionally since 2001 and unlocking leaders and entrepreneurs to fully discover and engage their callings and dreams. He has authored numerous books on the subjects and worked with some of the most incredible on the planet!

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