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Personal Growth , Spirituality

5 Life Experiences Before It’s Too Late

I wrote down my own list of “5 Life Experiences Before it’s Too Late.” Kind of a bucket list of being. Here’s my 5. Feel free to take any (or all) that relate to you.

Personal Growth , Spirituality

5 Pathways to Heal Your Low Energy Problem

There are 5 key pathways to heal low energy… And, very importanly: THEY ARE ALL INTERRELATED. And many of us need healing very tangibly on one or more of these areas sooner rather than later.

Personal Growth , Spirituality

How to Turn Your Stress Into Success

Your stress, that feeling of anxiety, uneasiness and tension that’s wreaking havoc… It may be what you need to tune into to take some key action sooner rather than later. Three key actions to turn your stress into success.

Personal Growth , Spirituality

[VIDEO] The Official "The Habits of Hope" Release Video!

Why care about Hope? Because "Everything that is done in the world is done by hope!" And most of us have had no real understanding of how to intentionally build hope in our lives... before tough times happen. And after! This is the "highlight video" from The Habits of Hope book realease. and the "why" behind the book.

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