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Calling & Career , Personal Growth , Transition

How to TRANSITION ON PURPOSE (including assessment)

Having now worked professionally for 16 years coaching people in transition I’d like to suggest five things those that those that transition on purpose (and get to a better place) have in common. These are my observations.

Calling & Career , Personal Growth , Transition

How to Turn Discontent Around… And Be Glad You Did it Now!

Whenever you’re not living in our authentic place, you experience divine discontent. It’s telling you you’re not growing, your stuck or you’re dying. For example, how many people wait to get fired from a job before realizing they’re living in an unhappy, unfulfilled and less-than authentic place? And when they get fired, they then experience “the blessing” that changed things for the good!

Calling & Career , Financial Life Planning , Transition

How Wise People Will Stop Planning For Retirement. And Instead DO THIS

And with all this planning and even goal setting to retire “early,” might it be time for us to say, ”Hold on. Is it time to reevaluate retirement? Rethink it? Even better, reimagine something different to make the golden years golden! Have we just assumed that this way is the best we have to offer to bring about human thriving? Human peace? Human prosperity? Human flourishing?

Personal Growth , Transition

DON’T EVER RETIRE…Until You’ve Answered These 6 Critical Questions

Don’t retire until you ask these six transformational questions! Money is an important, but it is not THE single silo that determines what will make us thrive in our “golden years.” And retirement planning that misses some five of the six questions is not good planning!

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