Cloudy With a Chance of Mothballs

Jeff Caliguire 02/23/10

Do you realize that certain people, places, events and even smells will affect how you see yourself and possibly affect how you feel?...  How you behave?

For example, whenever I smell mothballs, I'm instantly transported back to my blue bedroom growing up in New Jersey. That traditional smell of naphthalene (though I now hear they use "para-dichlorobenzene sublimate") will evoke the spare closet filled with sweaters, wool blazers and ancient artifacts. Soon I'm reminded of my full toed pajamas, GI Joe space capsule, turtles in the aquarium and a wall filled with posters of Roman Gabriel, Bob Griese and Joe (Willie) Namath. Mothballs = childhood = a certain way of living, believing and behaving.

Environments do influence how I see myself and act.  Can I at  least become more aware of it?

  • Do I act like a "little brother" when I'm around my "big brothers?" (I used to growing up)
  • Do I act somewhat rebellious when I'm in church? (I used to growing up)
  • Do I get bored at board meetings? (I used to growing up)
  • Do I get angry when I have to do the dishes? (I used to growing up)
So, it may be cloudy with a chance of mothballs. It's OK  to recognize I may be affected by those mothballs.... then make a choice.  Just part of growing up. I can still choose not to wear the red towed pajamas and listen to Puff the Magic Dragon.  :)

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