Only Do What You Do Best! Say "NO" to the Rest!


There's no better and more personalized way to fully understand Who you are at your best and What you do when you're in your sweet spot! This proprietary process and color graphic report.

Embedded in the stories of your life, like a unique DNA coding, lies the clear and unmistakable pattern of your repeatable energy.. your motivation... your thrust... What if what you could employ your passionate energy and get paid to do it?




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""The fear is gone!""

" I am so excited for what the future holds and I don’t think I could have moved past my fear if it wasn’t for your solid direction. You helped me build myself, my vision and my business starting with the foundation. You totally got me; my vision to keep things light, kind and fun. You made the sessions all about me and my dream and that’s what I want to do for others. The fear is gone! The list could go on and on forever!"

Terrie Kaiser Knoll

Create Total Convergence With Your Team!

TEAM Convergence Helps You be "All in" together as ONE!

There's nothing better than coming together to confidently release your best gifts and skills, towards a common mission with common values. AND UNLEASH your creative selves to do it!

Convergence for Teams gets your creative juices flowing "downhill" in the "same direction!" And it not even gross!

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"Gave Me a Written Plan to Move Forward"

As a CEO, husband and father, Jeff Caliguire's coaching integrated all parts of my life. It gave me the ability to really evaluate my dreams, gifts and skills…my mission; then gave me a written plan to move forward. It also inspired me to write my books.

Joseph Slawek

Move from Here to There With Confidence and Clarity!

LAUNCH! 120 Days to From Concept to Cash!

Too many people get stuck in the process between dreaming and conceptualizing and moving forward to turn dream into sustainable and growth oriented reality. Over a four month period we will move through

1. Confident Message for You

2. Branding and Packaging Design

3. Platform Fit for Your Niche's Need

4. Creating Your Marketing Systems

5. Enrolling Clients

6. Delivering Your Results

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"Basis for Launching My New Company"

Our work together became the basis for launching my new company. They opened up a tremendous amount of opportunity I would not have considered. I don't know anyone as passionate for what they do as Jeff Caliguire! I am so thankful for his gifts and calling!

Richard Roche
Are You Ready to Experience Your Purpose@Work? Complimentary Book!

"Unlocking Your Convergence Point: 7 Keys to Freeing the Work You Were Born To Do"