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Phase 1.

CAREER CHANGE in Days... Not Years!

Phase 1.

Discover AND engage the "convergence point" where you thrive utilizing your best gifts without the detours!

When you can't imagine doing what you do 9 to 5 for another year, not to mention until you "retire," we offer the guidance, tools and coaching. Years of development and professional experience, personalized assessments and tools empower you to move forward with confidence with...

1. A clarity of your real sweet spot.

2. A confidence of vision

2. A game plan to get there!

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Phase 2.

LAUNCH Your Vision

Phase 2.

Our coaching not only helps you clearly and accurately see the real you and the vision of the real "there," we empower you to launch to through creating

1. Super Simple Business Plans

2.Spiritual Pace and Peace of Mind.

3. Sharing Your Authentic Message so the Market Responds (Genuine Branding and Marketing)

We walk with you to the place of either being in the career OR creating the entrepreneurial venture that works with who you are, doing what you do best in the way that fits.

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Phase 3.

INVITE ME TO SPEAK to your company, organization, team or association.

Phase 3.

What if one message could unlock the the untapped passion and bigger purpose inside those you want to see excel?

With the ability to help you and your team free the power of purpose and positivity, Jeff speaks with authenticity and uses story to inspire and extract vision and potential.

His talk topics include

"Unlocking the Power of Purpose! (in you, your work and your org!)

"How Habits of Hope Transform Bad Days to Best Days!"

"The 3 Transformational Questions No One's Asking You! (And if they did, you'd never forget it!)

"How to Find Your Niche When It's Not Finding You!"

E-mail Jeff directly at and inlcude

1. The date you have in mind

2. What time and how long you would like Jeff to speak.

3. The location of your event.

4. How many people you are expecting.

5. The name and kind of organization you serve.

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About Jeff Caliguire

Jeff has been coaching professionally since 2001 and unlocking leaders and entrepreneurs to fully discover and engage their callings and dreams. He has authored numerous books on the subjects and worked with some of the most incredible on the planet!

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