[VIDEO] 4 Transformational Habits Part 4: INVITE CLIENTS

Jeff Caliguire 11/21/17

What word comes to your mind when they hear the word "SELL?"

Most come up with words like...

"used car salesman"
"cold calling"

Doesn't make ya all warm and fuzzy, does it?

And yet in business... and many other areas of life, nothing happens until someone makes a sale!

Selling opens up opportunities, meets needs and creates revenue. Sometime very necessary revenue!

How about selling yourself? Your own work? Your own services?

For too many gifted people seeking to live into their purpose and potential, this 4 letter word - SELL - stands between them and their destiny.

Significant things may not be happneing to you because you've yet to brigdge that gap.


Do you believe that?

This is why in this 4th transformational habit, we will explore a transformational mindset and approach that can change everything for you.... AND THEM! It's called, "INVITE CLIENTS."

Check out the video!

Are you ready to discover AND engage your purpose?

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Jeff Caliguire's personal mission is to unlock you to discover and engage your callings and dreams. He is an author, coach and retreat leader who dreams of the better world when millions of people unleash their full potential by doing what they were born to do!

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