[VIDEO] Doing this JUST ONE MINUTE A DAY Can Change Your Life!

Jeff Caliguire 10/31/17

"Hey Jeff, so what's one thing you can do FOR JUST ONE MINUTE A DAY that can change your life?"

I was SO WRONG in my guess! Yet, my friend Eric was absolutely right?

AND, the vast majority of people still don't do it or know they NEED to do it!

If you'realready doing this, awesome!! If not, what about doing it every day for the month of November?? ARE YOU IN?

Are you ready to discover AND engage your purpose?

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Jeff Caliguire's personal mission is to unlock you to discover and engage your callings and dreams. He is an author, coach and retreat leader who dreams of the better world when millions of people unleash their full potential by doing what they were born to do!

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