[VIDEO] Transformational Habit #3: DEMONSTRATE CONFIDENCE

Jeff Caliguire 11/17/17
Wouldn’t you agree that having more confidence could be the lynchpin to unlocking many other key wants/needs...
  • Fulfilling your purpose
  • Achieving your true potential
  • Experiencing life-giving and healthy relationships
  • Growing your income and influence
That great philosopher of old, Joe Namath, said, "When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things."

However, for most of us junior high, social life and even social media can beat the snot out of the best of our confidence! And it’s not helpful to us, is it?

Are you ready to grow your confidence to whole new levels?

An aside here: (being a geek, OK?) The word “confidence” comes from the Latin “con-fide.” Meaning “with - faith.” Or “with - trust.”

Therefore, to act with confidence, means you act with trust and faith. You believe in you. You believe in God. You believe in your worthwhile outcomes… or all of the above!

And the payoff: even a bit more confidence can be what changes the status quo and allows you to fulfill your purpose, your potential and your destiny!

In part 3 of my four part video series, “4 Transformational Habits,” I share 3 doable steps to DEMONSTRATE (and grow) CONFIDENCE.

Are you ready to discover AND engage your purpose?

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