WHAT NOW in Light of Vegas??

Jeff Caliguire 10/02/17
Let’s admit. Most of us were awakened to horrific images that evoked dark feelings of anger, frustraton and discouragement.

Las Vegas?? No. NO…NOT another one!! (Last count 58 dead!)

Yes, we feel incredibly disturbed. Maybe even unsafe. And, yes, we know we can and should "Pray for Vegas!"

But, above all, it’s hard not to feel numb and above all POWERLESS. What can we do besides watch the news? Maybe post or repost “Pray for Vegas" on Instagram.

Like, “Yuk! This is the world we live in!! What can we even do?” If we don’t live in or near Las Vegas, we can’t even line up to give blood! We can’t tangibly clean up or help rebuild.

Now add “10-1” to the list of days in history where horrific things occurred What’ll be next?”

Who do we even fight? If it was a country or group who encouraged bombers or sent armed terrorists, we might at least fight back. If we knew a people group behind it, we could protest or boycott them!

But, by all evidence so far, this one is home grown!

Well, WHAT can we do?

Here’s a thought. A suggestion. Or stronger than that. Here’s a challenge.

We can engage our own bigger purpose. We can redouble our commitment to live for something bigger than us and make our own lives count for something that will last. Even in a world with evil. We can make our unique difference in this weird, tenuous and messed up world.

I’ve already heard from people who had friends and family in that crowd. "Please pray for my brother in-law." Soon, we’ll be hearing that we may even personally know those killed or injured. We went to school with them. Grew up with them. Worked with them.

Those who died had NO warning their own lives would end last night in a barrage of blinding gunfire at a country concert. Just happened to be in the wrong place.

WHAT can we do?

We can make today count. We can summon our own courage to take concrete action to live our purpose. We can move to make this world a better place doing what we’re uniquely called to do… today even more committed than yesterday.

  • Share our message
  • Risk being rejected
  • Love someone who’s not loving us back.
  • Spread hope.
  • Write the book inside us.
  • Build bridges to those of another race or gender.
  • Get off our butts and get involved.

And intentionally ask ourselves:

“What would I do if wasn’t afraid to die?”

Or, maybe more relevant to some of us: “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid to live?”

As the parliamentarian Edmund Burke said,
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

No doing nothing allowed. Let’s MAKE TODAY COUNT ON PURPOSE.

Are you ready to discover AND engage your purpose?

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